24 Seven Presents: Ritesh Gupta of Vayner Media – The New Wild Wild West

Content for brands and why content is the new wild, wild west with Vayner Media…

Ritesh Gupta, Video Creative Director of Vayner Media (profile), joins hosts Lisa Berger, Edward Hertzman and Dalia Strum in the MouthMedia Network Studios powered by Sennheiser. Presented by 24 Seven Talent.

Creative problem solving, endless opportunity, and the emotional core

Ritech Gupta, Video Creative Director of Vayner Media, shares his view of the digital landscape as a creative problem solver. He says Vayner Media takes a brand message and packages it in a way that will have a meaningful result. According to Gupta, there is no better time to be alive doing this kind of work and that following your heart and the emotional core of the story you’re telling should be the guiding forces. He walks us through his work with Budweiser and MLB as well as the genesis of the “Harry Caray’s Last Call” famous spot in which Budweiser uses digital effectively in the partnership with Folds of Honor.

Click vs. views, the value of making something right, and why compelling is the new interesting

Gupta also talks about his opportunity to travel with people like Bill Clinton, and his experiences with celebrities like Britney Spears and Beyonce. He says telling their long-form stories allows the audience to be a part of the experience. He wants to be trusted to tell stories and prove to brands that they can talk to their audience honestly. He goes on to discuss clicks and views vs. engagement, and how mobile is expanding with more content being created than ever before, and how overabundance of content could jeopardize editorial authenticity.

He elaborates on why he believes content is of value. He also explains how Vayner Media has put its content production all under one roof, which leads to better control and quality. On the subject of the talent required for a best-in-class content team, Gupta says great talent “…figure it out, they make it work and hustle”. He wraps with how each story must tap into user behavior to make an authentic connection, and why in this new content-driven era, compelling is the new interesting.

Bill Clinton in Africa, Adam Driver and a veteran, and rocket boosters on a wagon

A round of personal questions in the “What’s Your Story?” segment of the podcast covers being in Africa with Bill Clinton at an AIDS clinic; a memorable moment of giving a scholarship to a young woman in the military; and what lured Gupta to leave the life and freedom of entrepreneurship for corporate life.

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