24 Seven Presents: Natasha Cholerton-Brown of Bloomberg Media Group – Guts, Common Sense, and Storytelling

Creating custom content at Bloomberg Media…

Natasha Cholerton-Brown, Custom Content Manager for Bloomberg Media Group (a global business and financial information and news leader), ensures that all integrated digital storytelling, experiential, mobile and print custom content deals/partnerships create the most compelling ads to drive growth. She joins hosts Lisa Berger, Dalia Strum and Edward Hertzman in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser. Presented by 24 Seven Talent. (Cholerton-Brown’s profile)

When brand intersects with audience, valuing disruption, and data plus storytelling

Cholerton-Brown compares the process of working on custom content with one big puzzle, and discusses how the brand intersects with audience, the importance of driving a point of view, and how she is part “content geek” and a rare creative professional who puts business first. She reveals the dynamics of working with custom content creative team, how her background running visual media for Bloomberg and as a photographer, and how disruption is in the DNA at Bloomberg. Technology is freeing up industry players and creativity, and one of Bloomberg Media’s goals is to partner with existing agencies and help brands and clients. The realities of new industry titles, paying to play, getting more creative upstream, and informing every step of the way, while combining data and storytelling.

Guts and common sense, brand presence, and social media strategy

The hosts and Cholerton-Brown enjoy British-inspired snacks of “hobnobs” (or “chalky one-siders”), and lament for tea. Cholerton-Brown talks about determining what data is telling us, the need to mix guts and common sense to create good content, maintaining journalistic integrity while making money, and creating content at scale so it can be leveraged at every point. She mentions delivering brand content, creating a brand presence, why Bloomberg may not be in for “big plays”, and why influence is more important than popularity. She says Bloomberg won’t pursue aggressive strategies on social media, but has proven the model and is aggressive in moving to build strong content creation resources including getting the right people in place.

Staying nimble, taking risks, and behaving like a startup

Cholerton-Brown explores how a budding journalist should look at what content is now, and how they should be skilled across the board, and have utility and use all platforms in play. The rate content creation is developing is accelerating within media, and publishers should be thinking about a full stack of the resources of content creation, how the cost of entry into the business is easier, and keeping up with nimble and more agile companies. She discusses how Bloomberg Media is succeeding by keeping watch, taking risks, and behaving like a startup. She also touches on the separation between personal and business life, and how it is critical that one just put oneself out there as disruptive. And personal questions cover how organization is the key to raising kids for busy professionals, Fire Island, “The Content Trap”, how Bloomberg is an entrepreneurial, merit based organization, taking risks and being bold, thinking on one’s feet, and being nimble.

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