24 Seven Presents: Johanna Mayer-Jones of Dow Jones – Great Stories, Distraction, and a Valuable Use of Time

Storytelling that drive brand partnerships with the Dow Jones content studio…

Johanna Mayer-Jones, Vice President, Client Solutions at Dow Jones joins hosts Lisa Berger, Edward Hertzman and Dalia Strum at MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser. Presented by 24 Seven Talent.

How great stories cut through clutter, a solutions toolbox, and the nature of genuine content

Mayer-Jones discusses how telling great stories cuts through clutter, makes the person engaging feel like it is a valuable use of time. Content Studio associated with Dow Jones. She talks storytelling, recalls a branded car driving around country capturing beautiful footage with real people doing great work, and the ability to incite change with content. She mentions how being part of the Dow Jones solutions toolbox is a way to solve consumer problems, and looking at page views vs. a better journey to useful metrics, current attention spans, video ads vs. short films, a video about N. Korea as a great example of capturing attention, and the nature of genuine content.

Integrated partnerships with brands, a talented team, and solutions vs. one-offs

She talks about the need to understand why and how audience engages, the value provided content can create in solving business problems, the desire to be a partner, how the evolution of content moves from a campaign to how can we work with you integrated as a partner, and client solutions vs. one-offs. Mayer-Jones discusses her smart team of multitalented and multi-faceted marketing experts as a flexible unit to collaborate, a new way of working from understanding business, working as a solutions toolbox, and being able to offer real talent. She reveals how Dow Jones was one of first publishers to partner with Alexa, and going to another exciting level with great stories on Alexa. She offers how being fully engaged allows people with a traditional way of working to collaborate with the next generation of smart people. And, an appearance from a special snack from a trip to Scotland.

Fake news, passion and balance, and risk as an asset

Mayer-Jones dives into the world of fake news, how The Wall Street Journal is a brand-safe environment, that security is critical, the meaning of client solutions, being a part of a revenue engine, what kind of content gets the team excited, and being passionate about doing things differently. A round of personal questions cover being inspired by mom who moved from Israel, worked hard to be successful, and became a judge in family court in the UK. The crucial nature of balance, how people are globally coming together, her journey from the UK to Hong Kong to New York, traveling for a year with a backpack, learning about cultures, stopping in Hong Kong, recently having twins, and taking risk as an asset. And she offers poignant final thoughts that “Good Ideas come form anywhere and everywhere” and to encourage everyone to engage with others to contribute idea.

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