24 Seven Presents: Rudi Anggono of Google Zoo – User First

Creative think tank for brands and agencies at Google…

Rudi Anggono, Head of Creative + New Experiences for The Zoo at Google (Google’s “creative think tank for brands and agencies”, with a mission “to push the limits of creativity thanks to Google’s platforms and technologies”), joins hosts Lisa Berger, Edward Hertzman and Dalia Strum at MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser. Presented by 24 Seven Talent.

Driving sales with a creative team, Westworld, and YouTube

Anggono discusses how The Zoo at Google help clients and agency partners to think of creative ways to use technologies, who is their most ideal client, the importance of being open-minded and ready to innovate in the content space, how The Zoo is a creative team that is part of the Google sales organization, and helping clients to innovate in the video space, which is mostly YouTube. He shares an example of a successful partnership with HBO about Westworld, working as a creative consultant with the show and many partners to extend the brand experience of the show beyond HBO, partnering with show runners, creating a fictional character Aiden living within website, and promoting in the YouTube platform. Anggono talks about YouTube as a cultural channel inspired by culture and informing pop culture, and how it is more like a platform engaging in two-way communication.

Measuring success, Deep City, and relationship building

He reviews how to look at what Google has done creatively, and why one should always start with the user first, who would use it, how people behave, expectations, whether Google is getting into proprietary content business, measuring success, and find creative ways to provide content for brands. He touches on whether it is better to have 10M views or 5k engagement, the impact of monetization of videos, completion rate and watch time, working in tandem with other creative agencies, creating Deep City in partnership with the in-house architecture team, and the importance of relationship building and networking even within a company like Google to people who share the vision of ideas.

The risk of losing authority, robots, and reading

Anggono covers the view of content studios replacing agencies, if content goes too far, the risk of losing authority, and a new form of product placement. Plus, a round of personal questions covers getting inspired, favorite books, “The Industries of the Future” by Alex Cross, robots, reading, being very curious, having media literacy, trying to look up a footnote, and the decision on what to believe.

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