24 Seven Presents: Angela Wei of Milk Agency – Finding the North Star of Content

Compelling content, experiences and partnerships for brands as part of a complex creative ecosystem with Milk Group

Angela WeiAngela Wei, Managing Director of Milk Agency (a creative agency, production resource and brand partner as part of Milk Group, a culturally conscious company), joins Lisa Berger, Edward Hertzman and Dalia Strum at the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser. Presented by 24 Seven Talent.

Collaboration and expression, brand collaboration, and the grey area in between

Angela WeiWei discusses how Milk Agency as an extension of Milk Studios (Milk Group), a full service creative studio started 20 years ago as one of the first independent photo studios, how the agency as an incarnation of Milk is a platform for creative collaboration and expression, the culture platforms, how Milk.xyz features emerging talent and cultural stories, and the most recent iteration is Milk Makeup (direct to consumer and then via Sephora), and how Milk Group developed organically, but is a complex ecosystem. She shares he career path an early employee at Razorfish, from digital content to the ad world, working at MTV and at Discovery Channel, becoming interested in how those brands collaborated with other brands, working at Time Inc. in branded solutions, and interest in the grey area between brands when collaborating.

A content pyramid, a culture shift for younger generations, and working with makeup lines when you have a makeup line

Angela WeiShe mentions content as a pyramid — at the top are films and featured commercials, down to snackable content at the bottom – and how Milk creates throughout the pyramid. She touches on how modern marketing is not enough, content is the future, brands being publishers and that people haven’t figured that out yet. The industry is intertwined, with big media houses pushing to keep integrity and trust, and how younger people are more comfortable with brands as a culture shift, with brands engaging more and creating dialogue. Wei says that an audience is a pyramid too, scaling is meaningless without a true purpose and a north star, and collaboration has to come down to the foundation of what a brand is about. Plus, the impact of having a makeup line on having makeup brands as clients, and Wei brings a seaweed snack.

Diminishing IP value, evaluating success, Virginia Wolf

Angela WeiWei covers the “barbell model”, pure performance marketing now, how a type of brand determines the type of brand content and experiences, pop ups, embedding a brand experience that you take with you, how the IP value of brands are diminishing, how content is also what you input, and customizing content. She also shares perspectives on the ROI of branding and experiences, how one measures success of experiences and branding, and how it is usually qualitative, the impact of expectation of clickable marketing, and the danger of the expectation of never ending growth. And, Wei’s favorite books, being inspired by Virginia Wolf, the importance of curiosity and reflection, having space to explore, a crazy dog person, and how challenge comes from discomfort.


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