Julie Vargas and Jonathan Aitken of Avery Dennison – Enabling Opportunities with Technology

Visual and contextual content relating to digital technology as a portal to amazing experiences…

Avery DennisonJulie Vargas (Director, Digital Solutions) and Jonathan Aitken (Director, RFID and Digital Partnerships) at Avery Dennison join host Dalia Strum and guest host Pavan Bahl on location at the Retail Innovation Lounge at South by Southwest (located in in Max’s Wine Dive) in Austin, TX. MouthMedia Network is powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:Avery Dennison

  • Taking that extra piece and turning into an amazing experience and content
  • The trend of personalization
  • Augmented reality, tech behind authentication, and how consumers can bring products to life
  • A focus on integration of RFID into Rebecca Minkoff’s products, extending the relationship with brands after purchase, gamification
  • Apple’s camera with QR codes, and are QR codes back?
  • The future of using connective devices and UGC, Lululemon’s UGC app, how people are hungry to share their content, a lot of UGC are not noticed by brands despite being the most effective content
  • How brands start working with Avery Dennison, and the kinds of brands they work withAvery Dennison
  • RFID allowing a path to real-time inventory visibility
  • Trends toward sustainability and transparency, doing business as a collective, storytelling applications that are made possible with RFID, and a marriage of blockchain and RFID
  • Working with in-house content teams/studios vs. guiding as an agency
  • How tech has allowed and enabled opportunities
  • Creating an emotional connection with products
  • The “mitten story” as a great example of the power of RFID
  • Creating stepping stones, the path from QR codes to AR, serializing experiences, near- field tags
  • Ecosystem with partners, and a partnerships with MishiPay
  • What’s possible in a cloud-based model

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