Karina Givargisoff of Mission Magazine – The Good Troublemaker

Philanthropic media brand featuring women of empowerment, fashion supporting causes, and environment…

Mission MagazineWhat’s it like to build a magazine? From scratch. In your living room, with a team of interns. Without any experience, because you came from the fashion world, not publishing.

And not just any magazine: It’s digital, and turns pages so the experience is like a printed magazine with rich media extending beyond the pages. And each issue is more than 400 pages of extraordinary content with remarkable personalities. It also has a strong social mission at its core.

Mission MagazineKarina Givargisoff, Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Mission Magazine, joins Pavan Bahl (president of MouthMedia Network), host Dalia Strum, and guest host Amber Mundinger (SVP, Live Media & Strategic Partnerships for Rolling Stone) in front of a live audience on location at Spring Place. MouthMedia Network studios are powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Givargisoff’s path to Mission Magazine, how she used to be a fashion editor, moved from London, and what led to starting Mission
  • After seeing a friend suffer, wanting to combine fashion and raising awareness for social causes
  • How generally female students fro\m Parsons New School of Design help putting together 400 pages of content
  • How to decide what missions to get behind
  • How causes are always women and environment, with issues coming up on mental health, want to do human trafficking issue, then teenage issue and social media
  • How the magazine turned into something startling, a fully digital magazine that flips like a paper magazineMission Magazine
  • What Givargisoff took from working at WWD, being a stylist a lot of job skills came over, managing a team meeting deadlines, good under pressure, problem solving
  • How the magazine is a positive thing that needs to exist, socially cause driven
  • Why Mission is focusing on local charities first, how vetting them with big support from Grant Thornton pro bono
  • How a percentage goes to charity after operating costs
  • Why treatment of girls in India and getting home safely been an important cause for Givargisoff
  • Being nimble and a small company, able to quickly pivot and change
  • Announcing the splitting into two entities – one for profit, one not for profit
  • Wanting to make a documentary series for each issue
  • Operating without a rulebook, it hasn’t been done before
  • Third issue is on mental health because of what Givargisoff has been through
  • Reactions from people in the media space, others, had one person from a big fashion brands say she’ll never do it, and how that motivated
  • So focused on the social mission, kept forgetting about the fashion
  • The effective albeit scrappy team
  • And an incredible story of humility, of falling, and of getting up again

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